2017-18 Hockey sweater Battle

Voted on by Luke Devoe, Ben Klein, Dave Blanchard, Chris Eadevito, Jesse Peters, Kevin Cunningham, Joe Boyle, Pete Paguaga & Ryan Lacey

1) Trinity Catholic Home White Sweater (440 points)

The Canadiens inspired look uses the athletic gold and hunter green masterfully. This is how a white sweater should be rolled out. We talked earlier this year about how great these really look and the voters all agreed. Trinity Catholic took home the top spot on 3 of 9 ballots and landed in the top ten in all but three. Well done Crusaders. 

Highest vote: 1 (Three Voters)/Lowest 26 (Cunningham)


2) Notre Dame-Fairfield Home White Sweater (415 points)

The new, rebranded look of the Lancers is something to see. There is a professional look to these that is accomplished by leaving a lot of open space. The use of gold on the white with navy is a really smart choice. The helmets match perfectly and the sleeve numbers are readable and crisp. A+.

Highest vote: 2 (Three Voters)/Lowest 21 (Peters)


3) New Canaan Road Black Sweater (414 points)

This is the best black uniform I think I've ever seen. Let me preface this by saying I don't usually like black on black unis but that cursive Rams breaths so well across the chest, the thin piping on the shorts combined with the Rams' logo and the explicitly identical sock to sweater striping is off the charts gorgeous. Zero knocks on this one. Ryan Lacey might need his head examined after putting this one 48th.

Highest vote: 1 (Two Voters)/Lowest 48 (Lacey)

4) Watertown-Pomperaug Road Black Sweater (406 points)

This one makes my Blackhawks' heart smile. We forgive them for mismatching oranges because of how truly sick that logo is and it's not exactly like that of the Blackhawks. The WP shoulder logos are a plus. If they could match the oranges, throw a logo on that helmet and add some white neck ties, it would be perfect. It's close without those things. It's criminal that Boyle had them 40th.

Highest vote: 2 (Klein)/Lowest 40 (Boyle)

5) Northwest Catholic Home White Sweater (404 points)

Circle crest. Circle crest. Circle crest. Rest of the state please take notice of how good all of these look. The simple green striping does so much with so little. One of the rare Under Armour looks, I really like these. The helmets could use a logo or something else to make them stand out a bit and the shorts, too but judging strictly the sweater, they belong here! 

Highest vote: 1 (Klein)/Lowest 36 (Eadevito)

6) Fairfield Prep Home White Sweater (388 points)

There are some looks that are cool and some looks that inspire fear in opponents. This is both. The classic cursive font 'Jesuits' is a great look. The striping on both the sweater and socks couldn't pop more and works so well together. I don't have a single knock about this look. I've also always loved that Prep rocks the black lids. It doesn't entirely go with the rest of the setup but for some reason it works well.

Highest vote: 1 (Blanchard)/Lowest 30 (Klein)


7) NDWH Home White Sweater (375 points)

There are some who don't really care for the Carolina Hurricanes patterned look that these sweaters have. I actually really like these. The kelly green and gold look is really sharp. It doesn't hurt that I'm a huge ND Football fan. If NDWH went full on shiny gold helmets, I might lose it but I don't know if 14 carat gold is in NDWH's budget. I really like the center chest logo on this one. Bold and readable. These trounced their green roads.

Highest vote: 1 (Paguaga)/Lowest 30 (Peters)

8) Branford Road Black Sweater (372 points)

This Blackhawks Winter Classic inspired look is nearly flawless. From the beautifully laid out circular crest logo to the new style, bold mid section line, this one is a winner. I like the use of BHS on the shoulder and the white neck ties lay smooth on the black sweater. Arm sleeve numbers, great sock design. No wonder these are top ten.

Highest vote: 6 (Two Voters)/Lowest 27 (Boyle)


9) Greenwich Home White Sweater (362 points)

This look is classic and viscerally beautiful. It echoes Cornell, BU, Russia, Red Wings... All teams I hate, but I didn't let that affect my voting on this. The diagonal 'Cardinals' looks perfect. The logo on the shoulders, very readable sleeve numbers. Almost perfect. I'd prefer an additional thin white stripe on the socks but that's all.

Highest vote: 4 (Cunningham)/Lowest 31 (Paguaga)

10) Ridgefield Home White Sweater (361 points)

These are a cool look. It's hard to butcher orange and black, they usually come out pretty crisp. Use Princeton as an reference. I am a huge fan of circular crests on hockey sweaters and this is a great one. I also love the Tiger paw on the shorts. I don't love the shouler striping. I feel like it ends abruptly but it's such a minor thing to nit pick on a really quality hockey sweater.

Highest vote: 3 (Cunningham)/Lowest 36 (Boyle) 


11) Xavier Road Black Sweater (345 points)

Time tested, a beauty. The classic black on white is a powerful look, take for example, the Hawks or Iceland in the Mighty Ducks franchise. Honestly, I don't like black sweaters (except WP) when it doesn't have white as the alternate. This is a far superior look to those grey/silver unis Xavier rolled out a year or two ago. This is one look where they socks/sleeves don't exactly match and I still love it. Neck ties, clean lines, etc. This works.

Highest vote: 4 (Boyle)/Lowest 33 (Blanchard)

12) Hamden Home Athletic Gold Sweater (330 points)

I'm a fan of these. Anything was better than Hamden's old Oregon inspired unis. I also really like the green road versions of these. Bauer for days with the sweater, shorts, socks combo and that's actually important. While I would like to see a third Hamden white made with this look there really isn't anything you can pick apart on this one. Okay, maybe white on the socks to match the sleeves.

Highest vote: 1 (Peters)/Lowest 48 (Boyle)

13) LHK Home Orange Sweater (317 points)

I definitely like these. I'm not a huge fan of Knicks or the Islanders or Boise State so they landed 20 for me. If we had their new whites, they'd be top 5. I think the use of the member co-op schools logos on the shoulders is awesome. That said, I wish Lyman Hall would ditch the rather dated, Teen Wolf (the original) aged Trojans logo in place of the 'LHK' that they had in years past. Way crisper. The shorts are a favorite of mine, navy with thin orange, white piping. Overall, the orange is a bold look. No one else has it and that's why they're notable.

Highest vote: 5 (Lacey)/Lowest 41 (Klein)


14) Newtown Home Gold Sweater (315 points)

One of the more professional and unique looks we've seen. Newtown abandons the overdone athletic gold for the true gold look. The Nighthawk logo is a favorite of mine. Sock and jersey striping  is consistent. It varies a bit from the shorts but I'm okay with it. The helmets are bit boring, but that obviously didn't cost them any votes.

Highest vote: 5 (Cunningham)/Lowest 39 (Peters)

15) Wilton Home White Sweater (305 points)

Speaking of comparable college looks, Wilton's duds are very reminiscent of the University of Maine's. The use of a light blue and a navy blue is a fantastic look. The socks are a strong suit here as are the gloves. The sweater is awesome with a crisp diagonal 'Wilton' gliding across them. Shoulder patches are a plus, though I'd like to see them update that rather aged Warriors 'W'.

Highest vote: 3 (Boyle)/Lowest 50 (Lacey)

16) South Windsor Athletic Gold Sweater (303 points)

The Bobcats and their classic athletic gold and maroon Minnesota Golden Gophers look is time tested, hockey fan approved. There is something ugly about them. But ugly in the sense that you would see them as an opponent jersey in Slap Shot. There's certainly a throw back look. The thin white, block maroon striping is perfect, number sleeves are a plus and one of my favorite parts of this set up are the perfectly matching helmets.

Highest vote: 4 (Peters)/Lowest 53 (Eadevito)

17) Staples Home White Sweater (300 points)

Staples home whites are a big time improvement over what they used to look like. This is one of the first that threw the American flag at us, so that's something. I think the best way to describe this one is, clean. It's readable, colors don't clash and that tan, beige color is not often used. It works 10 out of 10 times.

Highest vote: 2 (Eadevito)/Lowest 41 (Peters)

18) Enfield Co-op Road Green Sweater (296 points)

These are pretty cool and rather unique. The forest green works well with that muted gold. Striping is consistent throughout. It's a smart use of black and shoulder logos are prominent. Not to mention, the Enfield 'E' Eagles logo is a great mix of mascot and letter. Stick tap to this one. 

Highest vote: 15 (Three voters)/Lowest: 44 (Eadevito)

19) Woodstock Academy Home White Sweater (295 points)

The Centaurs athletic gold/navy look is done better than any other team with the same color scheme. The WA logo is very readable, bold and big. The shorts being a little off from the navy on the sweater is a minor issue. The socks match up well with the upper half and as we've seen before, that's half the battle. Very readable, visible sleeve numbers and a subtle yellow/thin blue shoulder striping rounds out the look.

Highest vote: 9 (Eadevito)/Lowest 46 (Klein)

20) Farmington Valley Home White Sweater (294 points)

These really aren't as bad as I had them (31st). The crest is cool. I think the shorts match well and the socks have a nice modern feel. I don't like the black helmet or gloves as that doesn't really seem to match most of the uniform but the Generals have done a nice job with that new blue/maroon look that I don't think really works well for other teams like SGWL (roads) and BBD (roads). It's much better than their maroon look. The color and shoulders are lacking a bit for my tastes.
Highest vote: 3 (Klein)/Lowest 45 (Peters)

21) Sheehan Home White Sweater (290 points)

These are a similar color scheme to that of St. Joe's. It's wild how so many teams with similar setups wind up together in the voting. Sheehan's name and logo are quite readable and front and center on these. I would like a little more white for it to be a home sweater. A lot of maroon around the shoulders. The maroon on white socks is a simple throwback look that works. No major beef with these.

Highest vote: 3 (Eadevito)/Lowest 46 (Peters)

22) St. Joseph Home White Sweater (287 points)

This look is as clean as they come. This, actually, is right where I had them at 22. The athletic gold outline of the maroon 'Cadets' is a great chest look. The striping works for the sleeves and the socks although I wouldn't go with the black stripe as it doesn't seem like a primary St Joe's color. The school logo/crest on the shorts is a bit unreadable but it doesn't detract from the quality of the overall look.

Highest vote: 9 (Cunningham)/Lowest 49 (Lacey)

23) North Branford Road Black Sweater (286 points)

The black sweater with purple accents is done admirably here. What really stands out is the effective use of white on this sweater. It definitely has a LA Kings feel which works. Sleeve, bottom of jersey and socks striping is consistent. Their NB shoulder patches and white neck ties are great accents on this one. Solid look all around. I especially like the purple helmets. One would be tempted to just put a black helmet with these, I think the purple works wonderfully.

Highest vote: 2 (Lacey)/Lowest 42 (Eadevito)

24) Eastern CT Eagles Home White Sweater (283 points)

I love these. I will say, though, I think it's more because of how atrocious their past jerseys were. These have a Boston College feel to them combining the maroon with a gold/burnt mustard look. The logo itself is really clean and shows well on the sweater. The numbers are a different type look but I think they work well. The red on the socks is a few shades different than the sweaters but we'll forgive that. I had them super high, some had them rather low. These are definitely quality, no doubt.

Highest vote: 4 (Devoe)/Lowest 49 (Two voters)

25) Daniel Hand Home White Sweater (279 points)

So they are Colorado College's sweaters, we get it. But that's not to say it's a bad look. The bold, large black bar horizontally crossing the sweater is crisp and clean. The black and yellow socks mirroring a bold black line works too. We even get shoulder patches. What I personally hate the most about these, and you can't see it in the pic, is the Hand written on the top of the back of the sweaters. I despise whenever teams put their team name on the back. Either put nothing (preferred) or put the kids name.

Highest vote: 8 (Lacey)/Lowest 47 (Eadevito)

26) Cheshire Road Black Sweater (278 points)

Personally, I like the Rams' red sweaters a bit more but these aren't a bad look at all. The black sweater on the red shorts works well. The sweater to socks combo is also especially sharp. I don't love the CHS logo. Kind of like the hockey sticks on WMRP's, I think "HS" on a high school hockey jersey is a bit redundant. The "Cheshire" on the reds is what makes it so appealing. Overall, its a cool look. Throw some red neck ties and it's top 20.

Highest vote: 5 (Boyle)/Lowest 47 (Klein)

27) Darien Home White Sweater (275 points)

Darien hits the mark with a very cool logo that puts a fierce wave, flag in hand, at the center of the chest. The bottom striping and the sleeve striping are solid and work well. The shorts are blah and the socks would be much improved if she mirrored the beauty that was happening above. Also, as for my model, get rid of the yellow laces. The top of the jerseys don't do much for me. Not a huge fan, as I've said before, of large block shoulders with no logo or striping. It's not a bad look, but some changes would make it better.

Highest Vote: 4 (Paguaga)/Lowest 47 (Blanchard)


28) North Haven Home Cream Sweater (272 points)

These are a unique look. As far as I know they are the only team to go with a cream look at the moment. They get bonus points for this. The diagonal "Indians" and very sharp sleeve and shoulder lines make this one a favorite of mine landing them 9th on my ballot. The number on the shorts is bold and is a nice touch as well in an age where most teams go with a rather boring, bland short look. I love everything about these. Others, like Eadevito don't. Not sure how you can have these dead last with some of the other atrocities out there.

Highest vote: 9 (Devoe)/Lowest 56 (Eadevito)

29) West Haven Home White Sweater (270 points)

Westies are a deserving team to welcome us to the 20's. Their white, classic home sweaters have been the same for a few years now. I'm a way bigger fan of the diagonal blue roadies, though. The logo is one of the best in the state, no doubt about that. I love the simplicity of the sock layout. We have ties, helmet logo and even upper sleeve numbers. What's not to love? Well, for me, it's the random cut off vertical stripes on the sleeves. It's the same design NFI has and I don't like it. There's enough good things going on here, though, to deserve a spot in the top 30. 

Highest vote: 3 (Peters)/Lowest 44 (Boyle)

30) Norwalk-McMahon Home White Sweater (258 points)

Creativity on these are simply a 10/10. Very few other teams have incorporated two member co-op schools logo/mascots as well as this one has with the Bear and the Senator. It's a unique think with another completely out of the box road sweater as well. I dig it. I dig the risks taken with it. The vertical stripe look on the socks is a bit interesting and the shorts are rather plain, but these certainly work for me, but definitely not for everyone as our voting showed.

Highest vote: 2 (Boyle)/Lowest 56 (Peters) 

31) East Haven Home White Sweater (257 points)

I like these way more than the East Haven roads. The Yellow Jacket logo is one of the better logos in the state. The shorts lack a little bit for my tastes and the sock stripes aren’t a favorite of mine but the sweater itself isn’t bad. This is one of the few “arch” shoulder looks I think. Overall not a bad sweater but there’s other teams with the athletic gold/navy look who do it better. See Woodstock.

Highest vote: 13 (Peters)/Lowest 43 (Cunningham)

32) WMRP Alternate Grey Sweater (255 points)

I think this is a pretty cool look. It’s not as cool as the navies with “Eagles” across the chest but it’s a solid grey look. Grey is a hard color to pull off and they do a nice job with these. Kevin put it best with these, however. There’s a bit of redundancy to put hockey sticks on a hockey sweater. My usual gripe is also a constant with this one, too. The shoulders are bare. They’d look a lot better with a patch of some sort. Bauer does it right. The striping is some of the best I’ve seen. I also really like the readability of the back of the sweaters.

Highest vote: 21 (Boyle)/Lowest 43 (Peters)

33) Joel Barlow Home White Sweater (246 points)

Barlow counters Trumbull's similar unis with ones complete with a bevy of thin black and gold stripes and an out of place cursive "Falcons" across the chest. I think the interlocking 'JB' logo is a much stronger look and I'd like to see that on here. The main reason I had them well below the comparable Trumbull sweater is the mismatched striping on these. The side stripe on the shorts doesn't match as well but isn't a bad look. Neck ties give this one some bonus points.

Highest vote: 8 (Boyle)/Lowest 47 (Devoe)

34) Trumbull Road Black Sweater (233 points)

So we release Trumbull and Joel Barlow on the same day and it almost looks like home and away unis. It goes without saying the voters think this gold/black combo is definitively middle of the pack. I actually like Trumbull's a bit more and had them ranked 26th. The Eagle logo on the chest is solid and the wide gold and white striping on the sleeves and socks looks great. I'm generally not a fan of predominantly black unis. The odd emblem on the shorts would be better suited being replaced by the 'T' on the shoulders or the Eagles logo, however.

Highest vote: 23 (Two voters)/Lowest 48 (Peters)

35) East Catholic Road Blue Sweater (224 points)

The color combo works for me. While I'd like to see a little more white mixed in, it totally does its job for a road jersey. This is exactly where I had them in my rankings so I have no issue with them being here. The gloves, socks, shorts and sweater all match in terms of striping and layout so that's another plus. It loses a little for me with the lettering across the chest. With a name that long, it'd be better suited using the very attractive EC Eagle logo that appears on the shorts. It's not a bad look, just not one of the better ones. 

Highest vote: 7 (Boyle)/Lowest 55 (Blanchard)

36) Fairfield Co-op White Home Sweater (220 points)

We all know I'm not a huge fan of generic looking sweaters and this one certainly fits the bill with the block F on an often repeated color combo. That said, it's a clean sweater with nothing about it that is confusing or misleading. Many co-ops have taken to throwing each individual school's logos on the shoulders and I think that would serve this look well. I also have a bigger issue with the 'F's not matching. The sweaters themselves aren't awful from a style standpoint but the disparity between that and the shorts misses the mark for me.

Highest vote: 12 (Eadevito)/Lowest 52 (Devoe)

37) Housatonic-NW-Wam Light Blue Alt Sweater (216 points)

Not sure there was another jersey that caused as much controversy in the vote as this one. These Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic-esque sweaters are a bold look for sure. The bright athletic gold block H on the light blue sweater is not for all, but I dig it! I especially like the socks/sleeves combo on this one. The sweater also has ties at the neck, which, by now, you better know I love. Lacey picked these dead last. Two others had them 53, another had them 51. I had them in my top 20, Chris had them 7th. Quite the range. Keep rolling with these Housy. Haters gone hate.

Highest vote: 7 (Eadevito)/Lowest 56 (Lacey)

38) Amity Black Road Sweater (214 points)

These really aren't bad but don't touch their new home whites. There's a simplicity to these that I do like. It takes great restraint to not throw any white bordering, outlining on these sweaters and I think that works for these. I think where it fell off with some voters, not KC, is that simplicity. In an age where sweaters have their own personalities these don't. My personal gripe are the shorts. The new Spartan logo is sick which they showcase on their whites. Why do we still have that grumpy, Jay Leno Spartan on the shorts? Socks and sleeves are consistent which is a plus. 

Highest vote: 2 (Cunningham)/Lowest 54 (Klein)

39) Guilford Home White Sweater (213 points)

Now the tale flips. While many voters really dig this look, I hate it. Uncas, rowing around in his boat just doesn't do it for me. Now, there's a story to this logo that I love. The PC crowd took over and went around scalping any teams with what they perceived as ethnic stereotype logos or mascots. Take a look at the Cleveland Indians doing away with Chief Wahoo. Guilford's community rallied around this one and kept it as a sign of respect. But that doesn't make me like it any more from a visceral stand point. We have to avoid judging the goalie setup in the picture we used because that's actually pretty sweet. I think more than anything else the writing just gets lost on me. I like bold clear lettering, i.e. Guilford's road greens. The random narrow arch stripe annoys me. I would much rather horizontal sleeve piping. Like I said, Uncas is a cool dude. It's cool story. It's not for me, but Klein loves it.

Highest vote: 5 (Klein)/Lowest 55 (Blanchard)

40) Glastonbury Home White Sweater (207 points)

This one burns a little. I really like these and while these analyses have been all my opinion, the voters simply didn't agree with me. Well, at least some didn't. Blanchard had them at friggin' 53?!? Come on! It's a uniform, clean look. The simplicity of the block 'GHS' works for me. I think the red trunks, while a bit too plain, work against the royal blue shoulders. The shoulders lose it a little for me. Glastonbury has that sweet Tomahawk logo. Throw a couple of those bad boys on there and we'll be all set. This ranking is way too low for these. Their road blues are sweet as well!

Highest vote: 7 (Klein)/Lowest 53 (Blanchard)

41) Conard Road Red Sweater (197 points)

I like these but don't love these. The grey diagonal writing works but the big block grey stripe going along the bottom of the jersey seems a bit bulky. I think it basically comes down to there being much better red sweaters across the state. The biggest issue I see with these is the unmatched sock striping. Pair those with the striping on the sweater and I think this look is a bit more uniform. Their home duds are better.

Highest vote: 13 (Blanchard)/Lowest 47 (Two voters)

42) Tri-Town Road Black Sweater (196 points)

We slowly are starting to see more quality sweaters which is how this competition was intended to work. Tri-Town's are a solid look if you're a fan of the LA Kings black and silver look. I especially like the bold sock design of these. The numbers get a little bit lost on the sleeves and the shoulders could use a patch or two to solidify the upper body look. Neck ties would make this one a bit stronger.

Highest vote: 14 (Eadevito)/Lowest 51 (Boyle)

43) Shepaug Home White Sweater (184 points)

KC put these best, "These would be fine, if they'd been that way since 1896." It's a sharp sweater, a simple, classic look. And to Kevin's point, some schools maintain tradition this way. However, we're only a couple years removed from Shepaug having that mean-chinned Spartan on the front of their whites. I like these and so did some of the voters. There are no contrasting colors. I think for me, the lack of something on the shoulders dropped a bit. They seem a little incomplete, kind of like a charity game, for one-time-use, sort of look. These aren't bad.

Highest vote: 14 (Boyle)/Lowest 53 (Two voters)

44) Westhill-Stamford Home White Sweater (180 points)

This is another example of an excellent co-op logo. I was always a huge fan of the Westhill Vikings uniforms, since cooping they opted to keep the purple. For some voters, it was hard to get past the orange/purple combination. For me, and I had them 24th, it's the inconsistency that places them this low. There's more of a dark, red/orange stripe on the sock that varies drastically from the orange on the sweater. The black shorts really need to be purple and match the tops. I don't hate the color combo. But these have been called Halloweeny and even I'd admit, there's kind of a Mardi Gras feel to them. 

Highest vote: 4 (Lacey)/Lowest 55 (Two voters)

45) EO Smith-Tolland Road Black Sweater (170 points)

These look like they're straight up from the create-a-uniform mode on NHL. The all black is  bold choice. The combination of black and a lighter royal blue is a great choice. The execution missed the mark a little, especially with the blue on blue short/socks combo. The Bucks' Jagermeister deer head is one of the best logos in the state. Budgets are what they are, but new shorts and a black, blue or red helmet would make this look better. You want nice Bucks' unis, take a look at their reds, fire. 

Highest vote: 22 (Boyle)/Lowest 55 (Cunningham)

46) Milford Co-op Home Grey Sweater (162 points)

Conceptually I don't hate these entirely. They have that Mystery, Alaska feel with a crazy, alternate font choice. The problem with that is the numbers, especially on tucked sweaters, are almost unreadable. Don't believe me? Listen to Coach George DeMaio on a Milford call. Furthermore, the maroon piping gets lost on the large black shoulders. The custom socks work well and I'd like to see some accenting in the predominantly black/grey shorts.

Highest vote: 12 (Boyle)/Lowest 55 (Eadevito)

47) Newington Co-op- Road Navy Sweater (160 points)

Kevin Cunningham likened these unis to Navy's which on the surface isn't a bad thing. They have a crisp look and are fairly clean. I didn't hate these as much as some and had them ranked 34th. The V-neck hockey sweater look has never done much for me. Throw some neck ties on this one and it'd be much stronger. The gold and white bars at the bottom of the sweater clash a bit and get lost. I think there are far worse sweaters out there but the voters have spoken. 

Highest Vote: 34 (Devoe)/Lowest 45 (Two voters) 

48) NFI- Road Navy Sweater (154 points)

The one thing NFI has going for them that many ranked this low don't is an awesome combined co-op logo. That logo is a plus. The rest of the uniform is super inconsistent. The white and red vertical bars on the sleeve are way too short. If NFI found a way to take their horizontal sock stripe look and put them on the sleeves, these unis would be much better. They do have names on the back which I don't love for traditional high school uniforms but I absolutely love for tweeting purposes.

Highest Vote: 10 (Lacey)/Lowest 56 (Paguaga)

49) Simsbury- Road Navy Sweater (153 points)

So, were limited with the pic because we can't see the bottoms. I've seen these in person and they need a modernization. I mean the sweaters are still that mesh, tiny hole material. I had them 49th. I really don't like how that horizontal collar bone stripe just stops and goes nowhere. Lettering is bold, arm stripes work for me. I just can't get over the 'pinny' look of these.

Highest Vote: 20 (Eadevito)/Lowest 50 (Paguaga)

50) New Milford- White Home Sweater (150 points)

These aren't bad and they are certainly worlds better than what they used to have. NM also has a Wave concept jersey which I like too. I had them 28th and they were picked as high as 25th which means a few guys had to have them really low. I don't love the block dark green shoulders but I think the 'Wave' across the chest looks alright and is better than a tradition school name. Might be lighting but helmets look different colors. I think the socks are a plus.

Highest Vote: 25 (Peters)/Lowest 55 (Paguaga)

51) SGWL- Blue Away Sweater (146 points)

I can almost repeat some what I said about BBD but reverse the colors. To me, A dark maroon/crimson never works on another dark like this blue. Diagonal writing is a plus. The lettering is crisp and readable. Also sick Warrior setup, but we're not judging that. They seem sort of incomplete. Side note, SGWL's home whites are a top 20 sweater.

Highest vote: 19 (Klein)/Lowest 49 (Peters)

52) BCR- White Home Sweater (105 points)

I actually don't hate these and had them higher than anyone else at 33. The pic doesn't do them justice but I will say, there is something very aged and vintage about them, not in a good way. It might be the kid's bucket, it might be the Easton shorts, who knows? I get why most voters had them low, but remember BCR who loves ya.

Highest vote: 33 (Devoe)/Lowest 53 (Cunningham)

53) Masuk- White Home Sweater (104 points)

KC put these perfectly, they're Canada's and we simply cannot like a Canadian jersey as God fearing Muricans. But as Ben questioned, where's the rest of the front of the jersey? We get a classic Collegiate font Masuk across the chest and then nothing. No number, no logo. Black trunks with very little black up top. They're a better version of the Redhawks but that's not saying much.

Highest vote: 24 (Blanchard)/Lowest vote: 56 (Klein)

54) Redhawks- White Home Sweater  (85 points)

Let's set aside the glaring non-matching socks for a second because that's just the pic we got. That logo, while it may not be a bad logo, is too damn small. I don't hate the stripe on the sleeve but the armpits sweating blood are messy.

Highest vote: 27 (Eadevito)/Lowest vote: 54 (Lacey)

55) Hall-Southington- Blue Away Sweater  (68 points)

Widely referred to as a practice jersey look, the vertical stripes on the arms are tough to look at. With mismatching shorts and base level socks, Hall-Southington narrowly avoids the last spot.

Highest vote: 35 (Lacey)/Lowest vote: 56 (3 voters)

56) BBD- Maroon Away Sweater (54 points)

This look would work better with a Ron Burgundy suit. It's dark, flat and while I'm a sucker for diagonal writing, it doesn't work here. Voters were pretty consistent on this one. The blue piping is a nice touch but is completely lost against that dreadful deep maroon. Black vertical upper arm sleeves and a mismatching helmet land BBD in last.

Highest vote: 47 (Boyle)/Lowest vote: 54 (2 voters)

1) Trinity Catholic (Home Whites)

2) ND-Fairfield (Home Whites)

3) New Canaan (Road Blacks)

4) Watertown-Pomp (Road Blacks)

5) Northwest Catholic (Home Whites)

6) Fairfield Prep (Home Whites)

7) NDWH (Home Whites)

8) Branford (Road Blacks)

9) Greenwich (Home Whites)

10) Ridgefield (Home Whites)

11) Xavier (Road Blacks)

12) Hamden (Home Golds)

13) LHK (Home Oranges)

14) Newtown (Home Golds)

15) Wilton (Home Whites)

16) South Windsor (Athletic Golds)

17) Staples (Home Whites)

18) Enfield Co-op (Road Greens)

19) Woodstock Academy (Home Whites)

20) Farmington Valley (Home Whites)

21) Sheehan (Home Whites)

22) St. Joseph (Home Whites)

23) North Branford (Road Blacks)

24) Eastern CT Eagles (Home Whites)

25) Daniel Hand (Home Whites)

26) Cheshire (Road Blacks)

27) Darien (Home Whites)

28) North Haven (Home Creams)

29) West Haven (Home Whites)

30) Norwalk-McMahon (Home Whites)

31) East Haven (Home Whites)

32) WMRP (Grey Alts)

33) Joel Barlow (Home Whites)

34) Trumbull (Road Blacks)

35) East Catholic (Road Blues)

36) Fairfield Co-op (Home Whites)

37) Housy (Light Blue Alts)

38) Amity (Road Blacks)

39) Guilford (Home Whites)

40) Glastonbury (Home Whites)

41) Conard (Away Reds)

42) Tri-Town (Away Blacks)

43) Shepaug (Home Whites)

44) Westhill-Stamford (Home Whites)

45) EO Smith-Tolland (Alt. Black)

46) Milford Co-op (Home Grey)

47) Newington Co-op (Road Navy)

48) NFI (Road Navy)

49) Simsbury (Road Navy)

50) New Milford (White Home)

51) SGWL (Blue Away)

52) BCR (White Home)

53) Masuk (White Home)

54) Redhawks (White Home)

55) Hall-Southington (Blue Away)

56) BBD (Maroon Away)

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