• Zachary Stein


​Zachary is currently a sophomore defenseman at Buffalo State University. He played part of his high school career at Enfield High School. I played for Enfield High School for three years.

High school hockey was the stepping-stone to my hockey career. Some of my hockey accomplishments at that time were becoming a captain for my team, and receiving All-State and All-Conference awards. I also made the Junior All star team before leaving for prep school my senior year, but the memories I had with my family triumph over all of those awards.

When I say "family" I partly referring to my brother who I got to play on the same high school team for two years with, but I also mean my best friends that I still have to this day. When you play on a hockey team or any team you form this unbroken bond with your teammates that last the rest of your lifetime. This past summer my mother unexpectedly passed away. This “family” that kept growing every year from continuing down this hockey path all came to the service and spoke about the memories each player had with her. All the memories that they shared revolved around her being like a mother to all. She welcomed anyone of my friends in the door with food waiting because she loved being a hockey mom and understood the bond that is created through hockey players. She knew every year my family kept growing and how hockey has impacted my family’s life so much.

One of my best friends, Robbie Baillargeon, an Ottawa Senators draft pick, who currently plays for Boston University, has my mothers name on his stick and it will stay there for the remainder of the season. Robbie also played for Enfield High School for a little while, but when he first sent me the picture of his stick, I didn't know what to say. I immediately started crying. High school hockey is where I look back on all the memories with my family being at every game but now I realize my family will always be with me.

When I think of high school hockey the first thing that comes to mind is how honored I am to have such an extended family that is always so supportive. I don't look at losing in the state finals to Cheshire High School. I look back at all the memories I had with my family and realizing if they weren't so supportive I wouldn't of had that chance to attend prep school, play junior hockey, or eventually collegiate hockey. If it weren’t for my direct family and my indirect high school hockey family I wouldn't be living my dream, currently playing college hockey for the Buffalo Sate Bengals in the SUNYAC.

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