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JP Musings: Intro, Super 8 & More

As I begin this next fun chapter as a member of the CTHSHockey family (Thanks Luke), I began to think about this upcoming season. Going from rink to rink some of the musings, questions and discussions with players, fellow coaches, and fans have been funny, emotional, genius and bizarre over the years. Hockey is a great game and we are privileged to be a part of it and I have had more of these bantering sessions than I could count. Below are some that continuously came up.

DISCLAIMER: These are random thoughts and/or discussions that I have had over the years, NOT an indictment on what is currently being done. It is only meant to spur discussion about this amazing sport! Let the discussions begin…

Super 8, Elite 8 or Whatever

For several years there has been talk about a Super 8 conference and in my opinion it needs to happen. No offense to any teams out there (I have coached in all 3 Divisions) but there is a large gap between the top D1 teams and the bottom D3 teams. I think the need for realignment is in order. If you take the top 8 teams put them in a conference then have D1 and D2 I think the competition would improve across the board. I loved the idea of having three divisions when CT had the numbers to support it but now with 56 varsity teams, I don’t think it’s necessary anymore. If you have an elite 8 that would leave 48 teams between two divisions. The remaining would make up D1 and D2 with top 16 in each division qualifying for the playoffs meaning only 8 teams per division would not qualify.

Let’s play 3!

After many years of watching some classic state championship games and some blowouts I think it’s time that we have a three game series for each division championship. My reasoning is this, it’s very hard to even get to Yale, never mind getting to the 'ship so why not reward these teams with a three game series? I have seen many great teams put up a clunker in one game when if there was a game two they may have responded differently the next game. How great would a game three for all of the marbles be?


Now, it's your job. Take to Twitter and let @CTHSHockeyJesse know what you think of his ideas, suggestions, etc. We will continue "Off the Record" segments throughout the year from all Connecticut High School Hockey contributors. Be on the look out!

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