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Captain's Corner: Jack Pisani & Alex Jackel

Jack Pisani is a senior forward at St. Joseph, standing at 5'11" and weighing 180 pounds. The right-handed captain was gracious enough to answer a few of our questions.

CTHSHockeyChris: Who is your favorite team to play against and why?

JP: My favorite team to play against would have to be Hamden because of all the guys I know from my midget team that play for Hamden. Even though we don't have a scheduled game there this year my favorite rink to play at is the Lou.

CTHSHockeyChris: How was being named captain changed how you approach the game both on and off the ice?

JP: Being named captain has changed how I approach the game because now it's my job to make sure everyones prepared to hit the ice every game and it's my job to motivate everyone to want to take hits, to win battles, and to win games.

CTHSHockeyChris: What is the most rewarding and challenging aspect of being a team captain?

JP: The most rewarding aspect of being captain is definitely being able to help out the younger guys, whether they play JV or the younger varsity players and just give them some tips on how to do something better or quicker in a game situation. The most challenging aspect of being captain is knowing my role because I am not the only captain. My team is also led by 3 more great captains and sometimes we don't agree on things but at the end of the day we all have one goal.

CTHSHockeyChris: What are your plans for after high school, both academically and hockey related?

JP: I plan on attending college, majoring in accounting next year. As of right now I will be either attending the University of Maine or the University of Connecticut to pursue a degree in business/accounting. I told myself no matter where I go I will try out for the team but with those two schools as my "tops" as of right now, I think a club career would suit me best.

CTHSHockeyChris: Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

JP: Beginning this year I drink a Vitamin Water prior to every game. I listen to the same music. And warm up with a soccer ball every game.

Alex Jackel is a junior forward at Trumbull, standing at 5'11" and weighing 160 pounds. The left-handed captain was gracious enough to answer a few of our questions.

CTHSHockeyChris: At what age did you start playing hockey and what program?

AJ: I was 6 when I started playing through the youth hockey program in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

CTHSHockeyChris: Have you always played your current position? If you could play any other position for 1 game where would you play and why?

AJ: I’ve always played forward, bouncing around between wing and center. If I could play defense for a game it would be great. I love ripping clappers from the point.

CTHSHockeyChris: Of the rinks you have not played at in high school (and not including Ingalls because we know everyone likes/wants to play there), what rink would you like to play at?

AJ: I recently played at UNH, which was really cool, but the coolest rink I have played at is the Xcel Energy Center, where the Wild play, in St. Paul. A close second is Joe Louis Arena where I won a state championship at a young age; I think I was in fourth grade. If I had to play somewhere again it would be the Xcel. I was a freshman and the stadium is overwhelming.

CTHSHockeyChris: Which coach besides you own would you like the opportunity to play under if the situation presented itself?

AJ: Eric Roos is a great coach. I played for him a little bit when I first moved here with the Southern Stars and I would love to play for him again.

CTHSHockeyChris: Do you tape your stick heel to toe or toe to heel?

AJ: Heel to toe.

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