Results Of Fan Rivalry Vote

On Tuesday, we posted a survey to gauge the public's opinion on current rivalries throughout the state. Here is what we found...

When asked what the best rivalry in the state is, here are the results...

St. Joseph/Trumbull- 32 votes

Fairfield Prep/NDWH- 27

LHK/Sheehan- 26

Hamden/West Haven- 22

Darien/New Canaan- 20

Hamden/NDWH- 18

Conard/Hall-Southington- 17

Darien/Greenwich- 16

Fairfield Prep/Ridgefield- 12

BBD/Newtown- 10

NDWH/West Haven- 10

East Catholic/Northwest Catholic- 9

WMRP/Newington Co-op- 9

EO Smith/Northeastern- 8

Fairfield Prep/Xavier- 8

North Haven/North Branford- 8

Guilford/Watertown-Pomperaug- 8

NDWH/Xavier- 7

NDWH/ND Fairfield- 6

Darien/Ridgefield- 4

Fairfield Prep/ND Fairfield- 4

Darien/Fairfield Prep- 3

Enfield Co-op/Tri-Town- 3

Westhill-Stamford/Trinity Catholic- 3

Northwest Catholic/Simsbury- 3

Hand/Guilford- 3

Amity/NDWH- 2

Branford/North Branford- 2

East Haven Co-op/West Haven- 2

EO Smith/WMRP- 2

Farmington Valley/Glastonbury- 2

Hamden/Fairfield Prep- 2

Conard/Northwest Catholic- 2

Ridgefield/Wilton- 2

East Catholic/South Windsor- 2

Westhill-Stamford/Staples- 2

23 suggested rivalries with 1 vote each

So, my immediate thoughts are simple. Prep/NDWH, EC/NWC, LHK/Sheehan are probably better rivalries than SJ/Trumbull, however some of those voters may have been spread out in their rivalry allegiance. For example, if I'm a NDWH supporter I may think West Haven is our biggest rival. While another NDWH supporter may think Hamden or Prep is our biggest rival. With SJ and Trumbull, based on the numbers, that's the rival. That's the game everyone circles and good for them. The biggest rivalry in the state, for now, for a one day survey, belongs at the Rinks at Shelton!

We moved on to ask the voters who the most hated team in the state is and while what I thought would happen, happened, it was interesting to see where the chips fell after that.

When asked who the most hated team in the state was, here are the results...

Fairfield Prep- 164 votes

Darien- 25

Conard- 16

NDWH- 16

Ridgefield- 16

EO Smith- 13

Hamden- 10

North Branford- 10

Guilford- 9

West Haven- 7

BBD- 6

Trumbull- 6

East Haven Co-op- 5

Watertown-Pomperaug- 5


Greenwich- 4

Newington Co-op 4

Simsbury- 4

Eastern CT Eagles- 3

Hall-Southington- 3


Northwest Catholic- 3

Shepaug- 3

Xavier- 3

Cheshire- 2

Daniel Hand- 2

New Canaan- 2

Sheehan- 2

South Windsor- 2

St. Joseph- 2

Branford- 1

Farmington Valley- 1

Glastonbury- 1

ND Fairfield- 1

North Haven- 1

Norwalk-McMahon- 1


Now, the fact that three voters "hate" Shepaug is enough for me to want to alert the authorities as those are the kind of people who want to see the world burn. Prep, duh, is the most hated team in the state. Darien, and their recent success doesn't surprise me landing second. For those keeping track at home 19 teams didn't receive a vote. They likely donate to charity, clean up their dish after supper and have never snuck into a movie. Wild that Richie Minnix and those wild band of Trojans avoided this list somehow. And thank you, hockey voters, for leaving NFI off this list. How could ya hate a group going through CIAC hell?

Finally, we asked you guys which rink is the most imposing, intimidating, daunting and cruel to visiting teams.

Here is what you gave us...

Bennett Rink- 81 votes

Darien Ice House- 41

Mays Rink, Taft- 35

Lou Astorino Rink- 34

Northford Ice Pavilion- 29

Wonderland of Ice- 19

Spurrier-Snyder Rink, Wesleyan- 12

DiLungo Rink- 11

Danbury Ice Arena- 10

Dorothy Hamill Rink- 10

Veteran's Memorial Rink- 10

Avon Old Farms- 6

Freitas Ice Forum- 6

Enfield Twin Rinks- 5

International Skating Center of CT- 5

Winter Garden Ice Arena- 5

Koeppel Community Center, Trinity College- 4

Terry Conners Rink- 4

Choate Rosemary Hall- 4

Champions Skating Center- 3

The Rinks at Shelton- 3

Bolton Ice Palace- 2

Newington Ice Arena- 2

South Windsor Arena- 2

Canterbury Rink- 1

Connecticut College- 1

Jahn Rink- 1

Milford Ice Arena- 1

Stamford Twin Rinks- 1

Bennett crushed this one. As always you have to wonder if the fan base just picked their rink or if visitors are truly perturbed once arriving at the Bennett. I love Bennett Rink. It's my favorite rink in the state, but in terms of being an intimidating opponents rink, I lean more towards the mystique of Taft or like, Prep at Wonderland. That said, if I had to vote, I'd vote for Darien. Regardless of if it's New Canaan or Darien, those five rows or whatever narrow configuration they have going on there, are always packed with angry, screaming, Vineyard Vines clad teens and that, my friends, is quite petrifying.

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